About Us

We know you love Ice Cream and we know you always wanted Ice Cream to be better. ​

That’s what we do: we’re here to excite you and constantly improve your Ice Cream giving you the best we can. ​

Currently our Dairy Ice Creams are all below 360kcal per tub with no added sugars, high in proteins and fibers delivered to you in a plant-based and recyclable tub.​

Our Dairy Free ones are also 100% vegan and come on the same recyclable tubs, are source of (pea) protein and are lower in sugars.  Ah and we also have sticks! (you can check our full range int the product page.

Do you want something else in our ice cream? Should we add something different? Should we remove something else? Or are you simply missing a flavor? Write to us and we will se what we can do!

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